We’re fighting climate change with blockchain technology.

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How we do that

We valuate, manage and sell
your carbon credits with no intermediaries


Creating a connection between carbon credits producers and buyers

Continuous assessment

Using blockchain & GDPR standards to continuously evaluate the carbon credits value

Open Marketplace

A unique platform for small businesses and Multination Enterprises to offset their carbon production

Certified Credits

Organizing in autonomous processes the document’s collection for carbon credits validation

Sustainable technology

Adopting Quadrans, a blockchain designed for enterprises and with a low carbon footprint


A flexible, automated and easy to use platform

The entire process is easy to use and fully automated, no technical knowledge required, thanks to blockchain technology we made everything transparent and online-ready. A custom and flexible platform for continuous or spot use according to customer’s needs.

Progress needs action.
Actions need people.
People need empowerment.


Just 6 step

It's easy as you can see:


The company creates its unique ID via KYC registration procedure


The company inserts its field area and position via KYC


Validation of the earned carbon credits by certified entities


The platform packs and list on the platform the collected and validated carbon credits


The carbon credits from various carbon lab subscribers are then collected on the platform


Carbon Negative companies purchases the Carbon Credit on the market

Climate change is a fact. We professional have to relate to this and search solutions

- Fabio Fiori, CEO @CarbonLab
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